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What is Long-term Letting?

There is a very strong demand for property for rent in Malta.  Very often due to this high demand of rental properties on the property Market, a particular property may come available one day and may be rented the next day.  

This is why we always recommend to someone that is relocating to Malta or Gozo, to research the type of rental property before they get to the Islands. By doing so, they will already have a good indication of pricing, standard of finish and location. Read more about the important things to note when renting a property in Malta. 

Long term Malta rentals

A long term rental when renting Malta and Gozo real estate is considered anything over a six month period though this does not guarantee that an owner is willing to accept less than twelve months.  

Due to it being a Lessor’s market owners’ of property may feel that they can afford to wait for the next client to come along or else may ask a potential renter that is only staying in Malta for six months for a premium price, especially during the summer months.  

This and other important guidelines should be taken into consideration before anyone decides to come to Malta.  

Long Term Rentals

Important things to know about long-term rental in Malta

The following is a list of items you should know before choosing a long term property for rent in Malta:

  • Long Term rental is considered anything over six months. 
  • To secure a rental, the standard procedure is to pay one month rent, a deposit equivalent to one month and 50% + Vat which is the standard agency fee. 
  • Linen is not always included in the rental. Water and Electricity is usually left in the name of the owner and the tenants pay their utility bills based on their consumption. 
  • Meter readings are taken before, during and after the tenancy.
  • Some owners ask for an extra monthly deposit for water & electricity. 
  • The majority of owners have someone that takes care of their property or else are readily available.
  • A property manager is usually more accessible during emergencies whereas some property owners may not be available for immediate action. 

It is important that you ask the lessor for the contact details of who you have to call for repairs and/or emergencies. 

Why choose JK Properties for long term letting?

For more information about long-term rental in Malta, please contact one of our lettings agents. JK Properties lettings agents are specifically trained to be the best in the Malta property especially the property rent market aimed to provide you a professional and reliable service.