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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you buy property in Malta as a foreigner?

    Yes, both EU and Non-EU residents can purchase property for sale in Malta. Read more about any procedures needed for such an investment. 

    What is a ‘Konvenju’?

    A ‘Konvenju’ or promise and deed for sale involves an agreement which binds the seller and purchaser to conclude the sale within a stipulated timeframe. Read more in detail about the konvenju before buying a property for sale in Malta.  

    Are there any government subsidiaries for first-time buyers?

    According to the latest budget, first-time buyers buying a property for sale in Malta can benefit from a lower tax rate for the first €200,000 of the property cost. Learn more about the government schemes first-time buyers in Malta may benefit. 

    What are the extra expenses when buying a property for sale in Malta?

    Before purchasing a property for sale in Malta, it is important to know of any extra costs that you may face. Read more about such costs before buying your future home. 

    What is a sanction letter?

    Only in the case of a bank loan is a sanction letter issued. When a sanction letter is provided, it indicates that the notary may continue with the study and that the loan will most likely be approved. Learn more about the bank loans available in Malta for those looking to buy a property in Malta.

    How to list a property with us?

    Listing your property with JK Properties is very easy. Fill in the contact form and one of our representative will contact you soon. 

    What are the steps of selling a property in Malta?

    There are five simple steps of selling a property in Malta. Lean more how to sell your home with us.  

    How do you calculate the value of your property?

    Knowing the value of your property before listing it on the property market is very important to a seller. Although our estate agents have all the current market trends and can value property on site, you can also learn how to calculate the value of your property by yourself.

    How can you increase the value of your property to earn more when selling?

    Increasing the value of your property can help you earn more money from your investment. Learn more about how you may increase the value of your property and increase your profits.

    Is there any property tax when selling my property?

    Yes, a general 8% is applicable when selling any type of property in Malta. However, read more about some exceptions which apply to withholding taxes in Malta.  

    What is the difference between short let and long let in Malta?

    Short lets are defined as a property for rent less than six months, whereas long lets are defined as anything more than six months. Learn more about short-lets and long-lets in Malta.

    When will I be able to move into my new rental property in Malta?

    This mainly depends on the landlord and on the state of the rental property. If it is in good condition and vacant, then you will be able to move in right away. Learn more on some issues which may hinder you to move into your rental home straight away. 

    Can I make any modifications to my rental property?

    This is mostly determined by the landlord and the condition of the rented property. You will be able to move in straight away if it is in good condition and unoccupied. Learn more about some of the obstacles that may prevent you from moving into your rented property right away.

    What happens if I want to terminate my lease early?

    Most tenancy agreements include what is known as a break clause. However, if you need to end your lease early, you can call your rental agency, who will handle the problem with the landlord. Read more about what happens if you terminate your lease early. 

    What are JK Properties agent fees?

    At JK Properties, our agency fees amount to 50% of the first month’s rent. Learn more about our agent fees.