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If you’re looking for a laid-back lifestyle but don’t want to sacrifice the comforts and amenities you’ve come to enjoy, look no further than Gozo. With all modern-day conveniences, luxuries, and unrivalled natural beauty, Gozo is more than just a holiday destination – it’s the perfect place to live in the Mediterranean. Read through this guide and find out why you should buy or invest in Gozo real estate today!

Gozo history

History of Gozo

The Maltese Islands’ rich story makes it a prime destination for history buffs. Gozo’s smaller stature by no means diminishes its contribution. Besides boasting a UNESCO World Heritage site – The Ġgantija Temples – Gozo is rich in history. With baroque-style buildings, stunning limestone facades and beautiful gothic churches, Gozo is a haven for architecture lovers.

Information about Gozo

General information about Gozo

Sitting at a humble 67km2, it won’t take you long to get to where you want to go in Gozo. Whether you’re looking to sip coffee and people-watch in a lively town square, hike through the countryside, or swim in the sea, you’ll never have to drive far. With the small island’s versatility, you’ll feel transported to a different setting in minutes. And, as it’s just a 25-minute ferry to Malta, you’re never too far away from a more urban environment, either!

Gozo is known for being Malta’s quieter little sister. You’ll instantly feel the hustle and bustle of city life melt away as Gozo’s stunning marina welcomes you. However, local feasts, Carnival celebrations, and lively towns will add plenty of life without being overwhelming.

Gozo’s peaceful and tranquil atmosphere will soon start rubbing off on you, too. Life moves a little slower and generally there’s no real sense of urgency, making it perfect for people purchasing a property in Malta but want to take a step back and appreciate the simpler things.

Gozo is renowned to be neighbourly and welcoming, even among locals. Until recently, many Gozitans would leave their front doors unlocked or even leave the keys in the door – it was that safe! Crime rates are very low, making Gozo a great place to raise a family without worrying about their safety.

Gozitan food

Gozo food

If you’re a foodie, Gozo’s got you covered. Despite the rural sensibilities of the Gozitan people, the food scene here is excellent. While there are many restaurants with humble offerings of local and Mediterranean specialities, there is also a large variety of restaurants that showcase and elevate the high-quality local produce and seafood to something world-class.

You can’t visit without trying the traditional ftiras – a local interpretation of pizza and bread. Part of the charm comes from visiting bakeries where they’re made. You can catch the baker shovelling ftiras into his woodfire oven while his wife and children shape pizzas.

The local cheeselet known as ġbejna is also a delicacy on the Maltese Islands. In Gozo, you will find some of the best quality ġbejna, produced artisanally by goat and sheep farmers, most of whom still make these cheeses the same way that previous generations did.

Gozo property for sale

Buying property in Gozo

With 300 days of sunshine, long warm summers and mild winters, it’s no surprise people flock and buy property in Gozo. Discover breathtaking crystal-clear waters at the ‘Inland Sea’ or walk barefoot on the vast stretch of red sand locals call Ramla l-Ħamra (the Red Beach).

There aren’t nearly as many tourists crowding the beaches as in Malta, making it easy to find your slice of paradise to enjoy lazing in the sun. Plus, travelling to Gozo offers an abundance of water activities for the more adventurous soul, like snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing, and more. There’s something for everybody!

Gozo property

Gozo real estate types

From chic, modern penthouses to rustic, traditional farmhouses, you’re spoilt for choice! Even though Malta and Gozo are both desirable locations, real estate prices in Gozo are significantly lower, giving you more bang for your buck. With the money you would spend on a two-bedroom apartment in some of Malta’s central locations, you could afford a detached villa with a pool and a view. And, considering the demand for vacation destinations, this adds tremendous long-term investment potential for your Malta property. Learn more about the different localities prior purchasing real estate in Malta or Gozo.

Got your eye on the latest Malta property for sale or rent in the Maltese Islands but feeling intimidated by Malta’s busy lifestyle and price tags? Gozo is the lesser-known gem that offers more serene living and excellent value for money. With J&K Properties, we’ll work together to find you the perfect home or long-term real estate investment for you. 

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