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Planning to buy a commercial property for sale in Malta? Starting a new business, relocating or opening a new outlet to expand your operation is an important step for your business that comes with a number of major considerations.

While it can certainly be a long-winded and complicated procedure, at JK Properties we are all about smoothing out the ride and mapping out a shortcut that gets you to your ideal commercial property in Malta and Gozo, fast. 

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Why purchase a commercial property?

There is no doubt that buying a commercial property in Malta is a major expense, but if you don’t have the capital to afford it, a bank loan gives you the option to buy it anyway and look forward to owning it in full down the line. Yes, a loan is quite a serious financial commitment, but if you’re in a position to go through with it, you may find it preferable to forking out a monthly sum on rent. After all, with the price of property in Malta ever on the rise, there is probably no better investment. 

In fact, you may even decide to purchase a commercial property in Malta or Gozo solely for its rental investment and let it to other businesses. If, however, you purchase a Malta property to use for your own business and, for whatever reason, you eventually decide to stop using the premises for that purpose but want to hang on to the property, you can still get something out of it by letting it.

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Final steps when buying commercial property

Once you’ve hit on a Malta property, agreed on a price with the seller and are ready to seal the deal, it’s time to sign a preliminary agreement (konvenju) that binds you both to sign the final deed of sale within a stipulated timeframe. This will give you time to sort out your permits and bank loan, while the seller completes any remaining work agreed on in the contract, and the Notary Public conducts the necessary legal searches. A few short months later, the commercial property is all yours!  

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Commercial FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy or rent commercial property in Malta or Gozo?

For small businesses, it is preferable to rent commercial property if the financial capital is not sufficient. However, for larger companies, it is preferable to buy commercial property as the business is more dependent and sustainable. 

Is it possible to domicile a foreign company in Malta?

It is possible but it will be necessary to have a registered office and a local registration. And EU nationals must prove that they have been resident in Malta for at least five years or obtain a specific permit if this condition is not met. Read more about the types of commercial investment programmes available. 

What are the extra costs necessary to acquire a commercial property as a professional?

In addition to the cost of acquiring the business premises, the entrepreneur must plan for notary fees, property insurance, property taxes and maintenance work.

Which is the best commercial property size to choose for renting an office?

Office space needed from which you can operate your business in Malta, mainly depends on how big your business is. However, offices available for sale or rent in Malta or Gozo usually consist of an open space, count about 7m2 per person, for closed offices, count 12.5 m2 for this surface, for a meeting room, count about 2m2 per person. Finally, the common areas should not be neglected, they represent about 20% of the total surface of your offices.

What are the most attractive areas to buy an office in Malta?

St Julian’s, Sliema and Valletta are the most attractive areas but also the most expensive in terms of Malta real estate. However, it should be considered that these are the busiest areas, hence, offer the most value.