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Malta and Gozo property investment

If you are considering moving to Malta to invest in a Malta residential property, this is the most secure investment one can make. Thanks to this guide, here are some reasons why you should invest and buy property in Malta. 

Investing in Malta and Gozo real estate is that of a buoyant market. Numerous property sales transactions are completed annually and the property price index continues to rise. Furthermore, the Malta rental market is also growing exponentially. It is growing to the extent that demand for Malta real estate to let and the supply is often skin-tight.

Investing in Malta residential property

Why invest in Malta real estate?

Malta is a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is located under Sicily. Thanks to the tiny islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino having a rich history, crystal blue waters and year-round wonderful weather, Malta is seen as a popular holiday destination. 

The cost of living in all localities around Malta and Gozo is affordable, investment opportunities are ample, and the country speaks fluent English and Italian. Not to mention that our native language is Maltese, which is also an official language of the EU. 

 However, although the Maltese islands do not have any natural resources, the Maltese Government found the ability to attract foreign property investment to buy Malta real estate.

 A method with which the Maltese government successfully attracted local and foreign property investment was through a number of property schemes which will be discussed in further detail in this guide. Read more about buying property in Malta as a foreigner in our guides. 

Malta Residential Real Estate

Residential Property Investment

Investing in Malta commercial property

Commercial property investment

Another type of business venture which differs from residential rental investments involves foreign investment in the form of commercial property investment. Commercial property investment can be in the form of either setting up your foreign business on the Maltese islands or relocating your organisation to Malta. 

Investing in commercial real estate in Malta and Gozo is a major expense. However, during the last couple of years, the Maltese government has successfully attracted foreign companies or organisations to invest in Malta property and operate or relocate to the Maltese islands. 

Whether commercial property investment specialises in; finance, maritime, iGaming, ICT, tourism, or catering, you can find the perfect commercial property type to buy or rent on our commercial property market. Learn more, thanks to our guides, about the different government schemes and local bank loans available for local and foreign commercial property investment. 

Malta Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in Malta

Foreign government programmes

Foreign Residence Programmes

Before deciding to invest in Malta real estate, foreign investors outside the EU are required to have the following residency permits and programmes. 

One of the criteria to apply for such property investing schemes is to purchase or rent a property in Malta. However, foreign property investors can purchase immovable property for sale in Malta or Gozo in the form of Special Designated Areas (SDAs) without the need of having a residency programme. 

Purchasing Malta and Gozo real estate within an SDA means that you will have the same rights as a Maltese citizen. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on how many SDA properties you can buy. Also, you can earn a Return on Investment (ROI) between 5% and 7% when buying such property to let. Learn more about the different SDAs around Malta and Gozo in our guides as a property investor. 

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Property Investment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MIIP?

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is a personal investment program that allows a foreign investors to obtain Maltese citizenship through investment in Malta real estate. Personal income from Malta real estate is taxed up to 35%.

What are the advantages of buying a property in a Special Designated Area?

The biggest advantages are that no permits are required to purchase property in SDAs and there are far fewer taxes in these areas. 

Are there any government subsidiaries for first-time buyers?

The Global Residence Programme (GRP) allows non-Europeans to have their main residences in Malta if they invest in Malta real estate and they will then get a 15% rate on their income generated outside Malta.

Why invest in commercial property in Malta?

In Malta, there are no commercial and residential property taxes and therefore offers more attractive prices. 

What are the most attractive areas for commercial investment?

Marsa, Qormi or the industrial zones are perfect for investing in an industrial business like manufacturing, storage facilities and many. However, for businesses requiring visibility or require an office, property for sale or rent in St Julian’s, Sliema and Valletta are more ideal.