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Discovering the perfect property for sale in Malta or Gozo available for sale or as a commercial investment can be the difference between you company’s success or failure. 

Our commercial property market is designed to guide investors searching any type of commercial property for sale or rent in Malta and Gozo. JK Property’s commercial portfolio ranges from offices, to garages, warehouses, shops, hotels and any other type of Malta commercial real estate. 

Also, browse through our vast selection of commercial real estate available for rent in Malta. Let us help you buy or rent any commercial property available on the property market. 

Commercial Property investment

Investing in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is a type of property with the intent of generating profit through either capital gains or rental income. As mentioned before, commercial property types range from an office block to retail outlets, or even warehouses to agricultural facilities. 

However, residential property with the intent of a rental investment also acts as a type of commercial property. For instance, one might invest in a residential property like an apartment complex where pay is earnt through dividends over time. 

Prior investing in commercial property in Malta and Gozo, one has to acquire a specific licence and permit to operate. Such licences and permits are vital as one cannot operate without them and you cannot obtain a bank loan for a local bank. This also applies to EU and Non-EU investors. Read more about setting up your business in Malta.

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Commercial classes

Commercial property classes

A word on commercial classes prior purchasing commercial real estate in Malta: all commercial properties fall under one out of 18 different commercial classes that are grouped by category. Each class requires a specific permit that depends on the nature of the business (residential, tourism, leisure etc.), the type of Malta property, the insurances and safety specifications tied to the premises, and possibly even the location itself. An architect can help you better understand the remit of your business activity within the property. 

Another important point to consider is the size and amenities you will need to run your business in the new property. Are you running a one-person B2B requiring minimal office facilities, or do you plan to grow in the short term and need to factor in room for multiple cubicle workstations? Will you need a generous space to store stock, a waiting area to receive clients or wheelchair-accessible facilities, including rest room? 

Going for a commercial property that was previously used by a similar business could even spare you the trouble of obtaining a permit and converting the space, as it may already be fitted out with the same furnishings you would otherwise have to buy yourself. Hence, as one can see, buying or renting a commercial property in Malta isn’t a simple task like buying property in Malta

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Commercial Location

Commercial property location

In Malta, you can find commercial spaces pretty much anywhere you look, making it quite possible to find one in the locality of your choice and maybe even close to home, especially if doing away with your daily commute is a priority. But remember, certain businesses can only operate in certain areas, like maritime companies and law firms. Browse through the different localities around Malta and Gozo in the guides section.

Personal preference and convenience aside, it is very much in your best interest to do your research on location well, as this can be critical to the success of your business. Would you be better off  buying a commercial property somewhere quiet and away from the competition, or would you rather find somewhere central where you can feed off the hustle and bustle that brings you welcome foot traffic? Is your client base typically deterred by lack of parking, or won’t you be meeting customers in person? 

Try to project how business in different locations will look at different times of the day, week or year, and find out if there are seasons that drive business in the area, like when school is in session. 

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Commercial FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy or rent commercial property in Malta or Gozo?

For small businesses, it is preferable to rent commercial property if the financial capital is not sufficient. However, for larger companies, it is preferable to buy commercial property as the business is more dependent and sustainable. 

Is it possible to domicile a foreign company in Malta?

It is possible but it will be necessary to have a registered office and a local registration. And EU nationals must prove that they have been resident in Malta for at least five years or obtain a specific permit if this condition is not met. Read more about the types of commercial investment programmes available. 

What are the extra costs necessary to acquire a commercial property as a professional?

In addition to the cost of acquiring the business premises, the entrepreneur must plan for notary fees, property insurance, property taxes and maintenance work.

Which is the best commercial property size to choose for renting an office?

Office space needed from which you can operate your business in Malta, mainly depends on how big your business is. However, offices available for sale or rent in Malta or Gozo usually consist of an open space, count about 7m2 per person, for closed offices, count 12.5 m2 for this surface, for a meeting room, count about 2m2 per person. Finally, the common areas should not be neglected, they represent about 20% of the total surface of your offices.

What are the most attractive areas to buy an office in Malta?

St Julian’s, Sliema and Valletta are the most attractive areas but also the most expensive in terms of Malta real estate. However, it should be considered that these are the busiest areas, hence, offer the most value.