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Localities in Malta and Gozo

With a total area of 316 square kilometres, Malta is considered one of Europe’s smallest countries. Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily, and is an ideal holiday destination. Whether you are going to travel or invest in Malta real estate in the Northern, Southern or Central regions in Malta, such localities have different features which make them unique.  

Before starting your property hunt, read our guides about what the Maltese islands have to offer, hence, making your investment worthwhile. Learn more about the different localities in Malta and Gozo and get to know which region is the best to buy and invest Malta real estate below.  

Malta & Gozo Localities

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Before purchasing or renting property for sale in Malta, go around the different areas of Malta and Gozo. The Maltese islands may be split into six primary regions in terms of Malta real estate available on the market: Central, North, Gozo, Sliema and St. Julian’s surroundings, South, and Valletta, all of which have picturesque views and are rich in history.