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Renting property in Malta with JK Properties is pretty straightforward. Browse through our varied selection of Malta and Gozo property for rent on our renting property market. 

Our Rental property guide will also assist you to find the perfect apartments for rent in Malta or Gozo real estate for rent, villas to let in Malta, Malta farmhouses, Gozo Farmhouses, Malta homes and many more.

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The rental property market in Malta, in recent years, has seen an upsurge in demand. Tourists visiting Malta for a short period of time, whether on business or on vacation, choose to rent Malta property. Furthermore, long-let property is also becoming popular amongst locals and people who want to retire or work on the Maltese islands.

The cost of renting property in Malta or Gozo is relatively affordable. However, it is mostly determined by a variety of circumstances, including the location, kind of property, grade of furnishings, and length of the rental period.

It is fairly typical for properties for rent in Malta to be rented out completely furnished, however it is always a good idea to double-check with the tenant. This is why contacting one of our JK Properties lettings agents is always a good idea. When it comes to properties for rent in Malta, our lettings agents are the lettings experts.

The rental rates in Malta and Gozo normally include all extra expenses in the fee. These may include taxes, electricity, and water bills. On the other hand, TV and internet expenses are usually not included in the rental rates. However, there are certain Malta rental properties like homes and apartments that do include such expenses in their rates, especially if they are short-let.

Read more about the procedures for renting property in Malta.

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JK Properties mission as a professional Real Estate Agency, specializing in lettings, is to assist you in choosing the suitable property and finalizing a contract without missing any important details. 

Our lettings team, which is overseen by a Letting Manager, consists of no fewer than 20 letting colleagues. Aside from that, we have offices all across the Maltese islands.

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Long-term lets consist of property in Malta rented for more than six months. Read more…

Procedure of Renting Property in Malta

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Renting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between short let and long let in Malta?

Short lets are defined as a property for rent less than six months, whereas long lets are defined as anything more than six months. Learn more about short-lets and long-lets in Malta.

When will I be able to move into my new rental property in Malta?

This mainly depends on the landlord and on the state of the rental property. If it is in good condition and vacant, then you will be able to move in right away. Learn more on some issues which may hinder you to move into your rental home straight away. 

Can I make any modifications to my rental property?

This is mostly determined by the landlord and the condition of the rented property. You will be able to move in straight away if it is in good condition and unoccupied. Learn more about some of the obstacles that may prevent you from moving into your rented property right away.

What happens if I want to terminate my lease early?

Most tenancy agreements include what is known as a break clause. However, if you need to end your lease early, you can call your rental agency, who will handle the problem with the landlord. Read more about what happens if you terminate your lease early. 

What are JK Properties agent fees?

At JK Properties, our agency fees amount to 50% of the first month’s rent. Learn more about our agent fees.