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For many, buying property in Malta or real estate for sale in Gozo is a lifelong dream. Although purchasing Malta real estate is a stressful process, and there is so much you can control, we understand where you are coming from. 

Whatever your budget and whatever type of Malta property you’re looking for, we can help you buy a property in Malta or Gozo that is perfect for you. 

With an extensive Malta and Gozo real estate database and a trained team of real estate experts, we’ll give you the guidance you need every step of the purchasing procedure, from getting your search going to signing your purchasing agreement. Get in touch with us today to get started.  

Malta Property Buyers

Property buyer types

When purchasing Malta real estate or Gozo property for sale there are three types of buyers. Such buyers consist of first-time buyers, second-time buyers and property investors. 

First-Time Buyers

A first-time buyer in Malta and Gozo involves a potential Malta real estate buyer who has not previously owned property in Malta or purchased property for sale from the local property market. 

Most first-time buyers in Malta involve first time couples or families who take their first step into purchasing Gozo or Malta real estate to start their family. 

As was promised in the 2021 budget, first-time buyers in Malta and Gozo will benefit from: 

  • No stamp duty on their first €200,000 of the property’s value, 
  • 1.5% stamp duty is applied for anything over €175,000 and below €400,000; and
  • For the first €400,000, income tax on capital gains is lowered at 5%.  

Second-Time Buyers

A second-time buyer involves individuals who sell their house to buy another residential Malta property. Reasons why buyers search for a second home depends on various factors like: 

  • Family expansion,
  • Property downsizing, 
  • Wanting a property with a sea view, garden or pool; and many more.

Second time buyers’, as promised in the 2021 Budget, are entitled for a refund of duty on the first €86,000 of the new property (the first €150,000 for people with disability or their guardians). 

Furthermore, individuals who sell their house to buy a new property are also entitled for a stamp duty refund of up to €3,000 (or €5,000 if they have special needs), as long as they do not own another home.

Property Investor

Buying Malta real estate and investing in a home with the intention of converting it into a profitable rental (buy-to-let) is a tempting proposition. Buying property as a rental investment is popular on the Maltese Islands, owing to rising demand for such housing from locals, foreign students, employees, and ex-pats who choose to retire here. Unless they desire to acquire their own home, the first and most urgent housing option for all of these is a rental. Learn more about renting Malta and Gozo real estate.

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Buying property in Malta

Malta and Gozo Property Market

Malta and Gozo real estate types

All the listed Malta property types for sale in relation to JK Properties can be viewed easily from the property search tool on our website. All the Malta and Gozo real estate types available have been automatically placed by our intelligent software purposely created for you to easily access properties on the Maltese property market. Malta property types for sale include: 

  • Villas,
  • Apartments, 
  • Maisonettes, 
  • Farmhouses, 
  • Houses of Character,
  • Land; and many more.
Gozo Real Estate

Buying property in Gozo

Government incentives

Buying real estate government schemes

Before starting the process of searching or purchasing a property in Malta or Gozo, there are a few government schemes or incentives like the first-time or second-time buyer schemes or foreign property investment, which you are able to benefit from. 

All Maltese and EU citizens are eligible for both first-time and second-time buyer schemes offered by the Maltese government. However, residents from non-EU countries cannot purchase Gozo or Malta real estate and benefit from such government incentives. This is because non-EU property investors buying property in Malta or Gozo need to apply for an AIP permit. Read more in detail about buying Malta real estate property investments.

Buying guides

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Buying FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy property in Malta as a foreigner?

Yes, both EU and Non-EU residents can purchase property for sale in Malta. Read more about any procedures needed for such an investment. 

What is a ‘Konvenju’?

A ‘Konvenju’ or promise and deed for sale involves an agreement which binds the seller and purchaser to conclude the sale within a stipulated timeframe. Read more in detail about the konvenju before buying a property for sale in Malta.  

Are there any government subsidiaries for first-time buyers?

According to the latest budget, first-time buyers buying a property for sale in Malta can benefit from a lower tax rate for the first €200,000 of the property cost. Learn more about the government schemes first-time buyers in Malta may benefit. 

What are the extra expenses when buying a property for sale in Malta?

Before purchasing a property for sale in Malta, it is important to know of any extra costs that you may face. Read more about such costs before buying your future home. 

What is a sanction letter?

Only in the case of a bank loan is a sanction letter issued. When a sanction letter is provided, it indicates that the notary may continue with the study and that the loan will most likely be approved. Learn more about the bank loans available in Malta for those looking to buy a property in Malta.