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Introduction to Offices in Malta

Offices for rent in Malta

If you are looking to establish your business in a thriving European market, Malta is a fantastic choice. With its strategic location, stable economy, and diverse workforce, Malta has become a popular destination for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their operations. One of the key aspects of setting up a successful business in Malta is finding the right office space. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade to a larger space, renting an office in Malta can be a smooth and
straightforward process.

Office Space in Malta

The office rental landscape in Malta

Malta offers a wide range of office spaces to suit different business needs and budgets. From modern coworking spaces to traditional office buildings, you can find the perfect space that aligns with your company’s goals and values. Many office spaces in Malta come fully equipped with amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and 24/7 security. This allows you to focus on growing your business while enjoying a comfortable and productive work

There are a variety of options available for renting office space in Malta, from traditional office buildings to modern coworking spaces. The office rental landscape in Malta is diverse and caters to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Traditional Office Buildings

For businesses looking for a more traditional office setup, there are plenty of options available in Malta. These office buildings offer a range of amenities and services, such as meeting rooms, reception areas, and high-speed internet access. They are ideal for businesses that require a dedicated space to work and meet with clients.

Coworking Spaces

For smaller businesses and startups, coworking spaces can be a cost-effective and flexible option. These shared office spaces provide all the amenities of a traditional office building, but with the added benefit of networking opportunities and a collaborative environment. They are perfect for businesses looking to grow and expand without committing to a long-term lease.

Virtual Offices

For businesses that do not require a physical office space, virtual offices are a popular choice in Malta. These offices provide a prestigious business address and phone number, as well as mail handling services. They are ideal for businesses that operate remotely or have a limited presence in Malta.

Overall, renting office space in Malta offers businesses a wide range of options to suit their needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a traditional office building, a coworking space, or a virtual office, Malta has something to offer for every type of business.

Finding an Office in Malta

Best way to find your office for rent in Malta

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean island known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and thriving business community. If you are looking to establish or expand your business in Malta, finding the right office space is crucial.
Here are some tips to help you navigate the process of renting office space in Malta.

Determine your needs

Before starting your search for office space in Malta, it’s important to determine your specific needs. Consider factors such as the size of the space, location, budget, and amenities required. This will help you narrow down your options and find a space that meets your business requirements.

Research Different Areas

Malta has several business districts and commercial areas to choose from, each offering unique benefits and amenities. Research different areas such as Valletta, Sliema, St. Julian’s, and Qormi to find a location that suits your business needs. Consider factors such as proximity to transportation, parking availability, and nearby amenities.

Visit Potential Spaces

Once you have a list of potential office spaces in Malta, schedule visits to each property to see them in person. Pay attention to factors such as the layout, natural light, ventilation, and overall condition of the space. Consider how the space will meet your business needs and whether it aligns with your company culture.

Negotiate Lease Terms

When you find a suitable office space in Malta, negotiate lease terms that work for your business. Consider factors such as lease duration, rental rates, maintenance responsibilities, and any additional costs. Make sure to review the lease agreement carefully before signing to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Commercial FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy or rent commercial property in Malta or Gozo?

For small businesses, it is preferable to rent commercial property if the financial capital is not sufficient. However, for larger companies, it is preferable to buy commercial property as the business is more dependent and sustainable. 

Is it possible to domicile a foreign company in Malta?

It is possible but it will be necessary to have a registered office and a local registration. And EU nationals must prove that they have been resident in Malta for at least five years or obtain a specific permit if this condition is not met. Read more about the types of commercial investment programmes available. 

What are the extra costs necessary to acquire a commercial property as a professional?

In addition to the cost of acquiring the business premises, the entrepreneur must plan for notary fees, property insurance, property taxes and maintenance work.

Which is the best commercial property size to choose for renting an office?

Office space needed from which you can operate your business in Malta, mainly depends on how big your business is. However, offices available for sale or rent in Malta or Gozo usually consist of an open space, count about 7m2 per person, for closed offices, count 12.5 m2 for this surface, for a meeting room, count about 2m2 per person. Finally, the common areas should not be neglected, they represent about 20% of the total surface of your offices.

What are the most attractive areas to buy an office in Malta?

St Julian’s, Sliema and Valletta are the most attractive areas but also the most expensive in terms of Malta real estate. However, it should be considered that these are the busiest areas, hence, offer the most value.