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Looking to buy your first property in Malta or Gozo real estate as a first-time buyer? Whether you’re starting a family or a new phrase in your life or planning for your future with one of the soundest property investments you can make, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation at the prospect.

It’s a major commitment and a huge financial undertaking, so as a first-time buyer buying real estate in Malta or Gozo, it’s normal to feel a little daunted at the start. But with the right approach and guidance, the process can be smooth and rewarding.

First-time buyers Malta

First-time buyers in Malta

A first-time buyer in Malta and Gozo is a term that describes a potential home buyer who has not previously owned Malta real estate or purchased a property for sale on the local property market.

As in the case with different EU countries, first-time buyers searching to buy their first property in Malta, who reside on the Maltese islands, qualify for special first-time benefits. Such first-time benefits consist of special grants, government assistance and incentives to purchase Malta property. Here are some tips for first-time buyers buying property in Malta.

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Government schemes in Malta

First-time buyers government schemes

As you work out your budget, keep in mind that there are government schemes available for first-time buyers in Malta to lighten the burden a little, including an exemption on stamp duty on the first €200,000 of the property’s value.

On top of that, if the Malta property is in an Urban Conservation Area (UCA), or if it’s more than 20 years old and has been vacant for at least seven years, as a first-time buyer you’ll also be eligible for a grant of €15,000 in Malta, or €30,000 in Gozo property for sale.

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First-time buyers tips

Viewing Malta property as a first-time buyer

Most first-time buyers view more than six properties before settling on the right one. And once you do, you’ll probably want to view it at least once more before committing to anything. It can be a tiring process, so make sure you make the most of your viewings.

Check parking and traffic, walk around to get a feel of the neighbourhood at different times of day, check that things are in working order, look for signs of damp or cracks, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions that come to mind. Your agent is there to help, so take advantage of their expertise. Read about more tips for first-time buyers purchasing property in Malta.

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