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Gozo, the sister Island of Malta, often lives in the shadow of Malta.  Many visitors that travel to the Islands often do not take the time to discover this beautiful gem of Gozo.  There have been many a foreign National that have relocated to Main Island only to later discover that Gozo was best suited for the lifestyle they would like to live. 
Gozo is a smaller, quieter and cleaner version of Malta and is an ideal location for individuals that are looking for serenity, relaxation and village life. 
One may choose to live in Gozo and simply stay away from any hustle and bustle but can also decide to find the ample entertainment areas. The Island has some of the best seaside as well as inland restaurants in the Mediterranean as well as several nightlife spots.

Gozo Lifestyle & Towns

Xlendi is one of the most beautiful bays and is known for its excellent cuisine whereas at the top of the hill – it boasts of an establishment called “La Grotta” (translated to “The Cave”) which is one of the largest inside and outside night clubs in the Mediterranean set in the valley of Xlendi.  There are several upmarket apartments far enough from the hustle available along the seaside of the bay and beyond.
Mgarr is also an excellent area to live. Located as you step foot in Gozo, the area boast of the most beautiful views of the channel that includes images of the Blue Lagoon in Comino and Malta.  Mgarr has some lovely restaurants and is frequented by both locals and foreigners on a daily basis.  Several properties are available for sale and to rent in this area including those apartment situated in the Mgarr lifestyle Development.
Victoria is the capital of Gozo and is a vibrant town.  Driving up the hill towards the centre one will find the two major shopping malls, several coffee shops, estate agencies and well as one of many large supermarkets.  Within the town, formerly known as Rabat, is the Citadel.  Known to be fortified in the Bronze Age (1500BC). The Citadel is on the tentative list of World Heritage Sites and is an excellent spot to soak up the views of the Island, enjoy a coffee and taste the local “Hobz Biz Zejt” during an afternoon. 
Marsalforn is also a lively town.  A seaside resort that has been redeveloped over the years into a perfect tourist destination.  Excellent seaside (literally) restaurants, 4 star hotel, sandy beach as well as a number of developments including Vista Point.

Special Designated Areas

Gozo has three Special Designated Areas (SDA) namely, Kempinski Residences, Fort Chambray and Vista Point.  These developments are built to the highest standards and include all imaginable amenities one will find in a condominium development.  When buying in an SDA, foreigners are permitted to purchase an unlimited amount of units without a restrictions or permits.  For more information kindly send us a request from the below form.

The Property Market in Gozo

The Goziten real estate market is still affordable and has several investment possibilities. Depending on what type of investment you may be interested in, your estate agent will guide you accordingly.   
Farmhouses in Gozo with a pool are very popular.  Imagine living in a 400 year old converted home with all mod cons and an excellent pool side terrace.  Imaging owning an apartment with open sea views that on a clear day you may see the coast of Sicily.  Gozo is at a stage where prices are climbing, the quality of building and finished are excellent and there is still a number of options available on the market.   The property price index infers that prices are increase at a slower pace than Malta but has been more consistent of the years indicating that the market is an excellent opportunity.  Whatever you may choose, it is always recommended that you speak to a professional real estate agent that specialises in property in Gozo.

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