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Logistics of a House Move from a Child’s Perspective

We’re moving! I was not quite sure what that meant, but when I asked mum she said we have just bought a property for sale in Malta and are changing house. 

I don’t know who we’re changing it with because they haven’t told me. But whoever it is, will not be getting my bike. I know ‘cos I asked, and dad said the bike comes with us.

Changing our home

I am not quite sure why we are buying and changing our home. It seems ok to me. 

I’ve always lived here. And I’m not quite sure if it is something to be happy about. Should I worry? 

My friend Camilla said she has moved house three times in her life and it was always exciting. When we talk about it ….. Mum is in fact all excited. 

She starts saying ‘we can do this’ or ‘we can buy that.’ She has already bought six magazines about houses and furniture and keeps reading them over and over. Dad becomes very serious, especially when he whisks out his calculator and starts doing some additions. 

Help from the bank

I think he wants to make sure he has enough money in his money box at the bank, although I heard him saying the bank manager will be lending us enough …. The bank manager must be a very kind man.

help from the bank

Is it a leap in the dark?

Grandpa told grandma he thinks we’re taking a leap in the dark, so I reckon he is afraid we don’t have electricity in the new house, but dad said, of course we will have, and that grandpa worries about everything. 

So, I must tell grandpa not to worry so much. Grandma seems as happy about it as mum, and mentioned something about curtains and carpets. My other grandma was sad because she said we are going to live too far away.

Packing the stuff

Yesterday mum asked me to help her unload the car. We unloaded 20 big empty cardboard boxes. She made me count them and said we can start packing. She gave me four boxes and said I must fit in as many toys as I can and the ones that don’t fit, we can give to charity. 

I have already filled three of the four boxes and don’t know where my train set will fit, nor where my roller skates will fit. Perhaps dad will have space in his boxes …..

Property type and location

I asked mum if I can see the new house, what it was like. She said we bought a maisonette and no, not yet, it will be a surprise. When I asked what a maisonette is, she said it’s a glorified flat. 

Still don’t know what she means but I guess I will know when I see it. I like surprises! 

I’ve never heard of the town we’re living in though. 

Family expansion

Family expansion

I asked if we can get a kitten and she said maybe. If a kitten can stay there, I will be happy. Here in the flat, we can only have Bobkin the hamster and Chippie-Chop the bird. I don’t like either of them, but grandpa gave me the hamster and we found the bird in the balcony, so they both had to stay. 

Only one thing troubles me now. Mum was talking to dad in the living room when they thought I was asleep. But I heard Bobkin rattle his cage and had gone to the kitchen to check he has not escaped and eaten my biscuits. He had not escaped and after I told him (in a whisper so mum and dad would not hear me), to be quiet, I heard them talking and giggling. 

But they were not watching a funny movie …. then I distinctly heard mum say she wanted a baby girl. Now I am definitely not happy. A baby girl! Will she take my bike? Sleep in my bedroom? Is that why we’re moving? Will she be in the new house? Is that the real surprise? Now I am as worried as grandpa.

Moving house from a child’s perspective review

Relocating to a new home is daunting and it’s important to understand what your children are thinking whilst before buying property in Malta. It may be recommended to include your children somehow in the decision and purchasing Malta real estate process so that repercussions will be minimal.

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