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Easy Upgrades to Make Your Home Look Its Best on a Budget

Whether we’re at home for work, play or both, we all want our space to suit our taste – no matter if it’s a temporary set-up or our forever home. Major renovations can be costly for your Malta property, but you don’t have to break the bank or take a loan to make your home look good, or even high-end. 

Sales, discounts, loyalty points, promo codes and coupons are all your friends, so make sure to shop around for the best prices, both in-store and online. 

Once you bag some bargains and get creative, you’ll soon realise how easy and inexpensive home upgrades can be! Adding to this, renovating your home could also increase the value of your property investment. Here are a few fun tricks to inspire you and to increase the value of your home before listing your property on the market.

Walls, windows, doors

Take your walls to the next level and spare yourself a paint job (or a tiling project!) with ingenious stick-on-tile paper. This can go on painted walls to create a backsplash in your kitchen, or cover existing bathroom tiles that you no longer love. 

With a realistic gloss and grouting effect, it comes in different styles, from subway to herringbone. Not only is it affordable, but it’s very easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment. Great if you’re renting!

If you have a blank, boring wall, wainscoting (wood panels) can add an understated elegance without the fuss. For a cheap, easily removable option, simply order the lightweight panel moulds and stick on with adhesive double-sided tape – no professional installers needed! 

For a quirkier, more personalised aesthetic, a wall decal or sticker adds a fun twist to a room and can be anything from a favourite quote or image, to a patterned print or mural. 

Adhesive and removable glass privacy screens can give your bathroom, front door or ground-floor windows more privacy, without the need to replace the glass. Pick from different finishes like frosted, mosaic or stained-glass patterns to cover clear glass panes on your doors and windows, while still letting in light. 

Walls, windows, doors


Give your Malta property a cohesive look by decanting products into uniform storage containers and getting rid of the loud, commercial packaging that makes your cabinets and counters look cluttered and uneven. 

In the kitchen, store dry goods like flour, cereals, pasta and spices in clear and labelled jars or canisters. You can do the same with hygiene and beauty products in the bathroom, and with detergents in the laundry room. 


While most furniture in your home is probably out on display year-round, why not rotate soft furnishings every few months to keep your décor seasonal and fresh? This will stop you from getting bored and doing a full overhaul every couple of years. Simply switching out rugs, cushions and throw blankets throughout the year to reflect the season’s signature shades and textures can make your home feel alive. 

A simple trick is to play around with new ways of presenting, grouping or layering items, and putting them in different spots of your home every year. Even your oldest Christmas decorations will feel brand new!

If you’re tired of your furniture but don’t have the will, time or budget to change or paint it, revamp it in minutes with contact paper – another easy peel-and-stick option. This can transform flat surfaces like countertops, cabinets, tables and nightstands to look like they’re made of marble, wood or leather. The design options are endless! 


Lighting has a huge impact on a room’s final look and, while fixtures can be pricey, there’s no need to splurge to achieve the desired effect. Spray paint old or cheaper fixtures and lamps with a glossy metal or matte black finish for a more updated look. 

Change out lightbulbs to energy-efficient LEDs and opt for a bold, cool shine or a soft, warm glow, depending on the room. 

Want more ambient lighting? Consider flameless, LED candles or string lights that come in all shapes and sizes. Any of these can be bought with timers and remote controls for extra convenience. 

Lighting your Malta home


You don’t have to be the next Picasso to make your own artwork. Buy ready-made prints that strike you and embellish them with different colours and details, or buy a blank canvas and dip a clean mop into a pot of leftover paint for a statement accent piece that matches the walls! Get the family involved so everyone can add their own personal touch (or handprint). 

It will all look more stylish in a frame, and the same goes for children’s art that can be collected and hung up on a dedicated little gallery wall, or laminated and strung on some colourful bunting. 


The JK Properties Malta takeaway

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