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7 Ways to Upgrade the Balcony in Your Home

We all love some private outdoor space at home, to take in a sunny morning over a coffee or relax on a summer evening – even more so now that the pandemic has highlighted just how important getting out can be.

But outdoor space doesn’t need to just mean sprawling gardens or yards, complete with a swimming pool. A neglected balcony, no matter its size, can still transform into your home’s ultimate alfresco hangout, or may even turn into an extra ‘room’ for your pets. Additionally, upgrading your balcony can increase the value of your Malta property for which you can earn more money when listing it for sale on the property market. 

Here are seven ideas to help you take your apartment balcony from unloved to much-loved and become one of your favourite spaces at home. And don’t forget – your JK Property’s agent can connect you with one of our team of recommended interior designers to help you make the most of your space, both inside and out. Learn more about the process of selling your property in Malta.

1. Set up seating

If you want to increase the value of your property for sale in Malta by making your balcony a comfortable spot to eat, drink and lounge, then your first step is to make sure there is plenty of seating. 

Depending on your personal style and if the space allows it, you could add a wood pallet sectional sofa, multiple sun-loungers, or even a hammock. Here the key word is comfort, so consider adding cosy soft furnishings like outdoor-friendly rugs and cushions, which invite you and your guests to sit back and relax.

Balcony seating

2. Choose durable furniture

If you live in a small apartment, although you may have limited space indoors for storing garden furniture off-season, choosing durable furniture for your balcony may also increase the value of your Malta property when listing it on the property market. 

With that in mind, opt for weatherproof furniture that can stay outside all year round, such as pieces made of treated wood, wrought iron, plastic or synthetic wicker. Water-repellent covers will also increase the life of your furniture, giving them an extra barrier against the elements.

Choose durable furniture

3. Look up!

Some Malta property balconies, like apartment balconies, typically have a wall either side of the floor area, as well as the exterior wall of your property. This valuable vertical space offers you countless design possibilities, from adding space-saving shelves to create a wall garden for plants in pots and hanging plants, to curating a gallery wall of plates or waterproof art pieces.

The area above and in front of your balcony can also give you extra privacy or sun protection. A roll of inexpensive reed fencing or hanging weatherproof textiles can be an effective privacy screen, while an overhead fabric canopy can provide shade as well as sun protection.

Look up!

4. Fix your flooring

If your apartment balcony has a concrete or tiled floor, there is no need to settle for dull flooring. 

Now is your chance to inject some of your personality into your space, according to your own design preferences, by installing interlocking deck tiles or adding colourful weatherproof rugs. 

You could even paint your balcony’s concrete floor using a stencil to emulate the look of expensive tiling.

Balcony flooring

5. Green up your space

Outdoor space of any kind, including your balcony, is an opportunity to increase the value when selling your property by embrace greenery and creating an urban oasis.

Start with some easy-care pot plants and herbs, then – if you are green-fingered – explore adding more until you have filled your space, being mindful of how much light your balcony receives and what plants would suit it best.

Of course, experts also list the many wellbeing benefits of adding greenery to your property, from natural cooling to better air quality, not to mention helping Malta’s biodiversity. Plus, you can take your collection of pot plants with you should you move house.

Green up your space

6. Add texture

The fastest way to upgrade your balcony without breaking the bank or your back is to add interest and texture through weatherproof throw cushions, curtains, rugs or blankets. Plump for chunky fibres and handmade natural materials to complement the outdoorsy vibe. 

You can easily (and affordably) replace these accent pieces according to your mood or changing style, yet they are the finishing touches that will take your balcony to the next level. Check out Malta’s street markets for both inspiration and good deals on soft furnishings.

Balcony accessories

7. Light it up

No matter the time of day or night, carefully designed lighting in your balcony will give it a cosy, comforting ambience.

Bearing in mind the available power sources in your balcony – and always ensuring you select outdoor-safe options – you could drape rows of twinkling fairy lights, include a standalone reading lamp, install elegant wall fixtures or set solar-powered lights into planters. You will find plenty of exterior lighting ideas and products in local garden centres or markets.

Light up your apartment balcony

The JK Property takeaway

Your apartment balcony can be a useful and beautiful extra space in your home, with budget-friendly design. From helping you find your dream property to offering interior (and exterior) design ideas, your specialist JK Property’s agent can guide you through every stage of your real estate journey. Get in touch today!

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