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How to Sell a Property in Malta

Estate agents like, JK Properties associates, are professional property sellers. That much is pretty common knowledge. 

What is perhaps less obvious is the hard work they put in behind the scenes to make things happen to the benefit of both buyer and seller to sell a property. 

And delving in to discover more about this sterling work, may tip the scales towards a final decision to get a Malta real estate agent to help you buy/sell your Malta property.

Scenario one

You want to buy a house. 

You know you want three bedrooms, you know where you want to live and you know how much you want to spend. So, you start scouring the classified ads. 

Nowadays these are not found simply on the newspaper but also online – so those are two places you need to search through well, every single day. 

Then you may be tempted to ask friends who might know somebody who wants to sell. And you start driving round the neighborhood you are eyeing, in the hope of seeing that ever-elusive ‘Real Estate For Sale’ notice outside your ideal dream home.

Time is ticking by. 

You make two appointments in the first week, both on different days. 

At the end of the week, you’re nowhere near achieving anything tangible. And so, it goes on. 

Two months into your home search, you’re likely to be still viewing one or two properties a week and know deep down inside that there is so much more you’re nowhere near viewing.

buy a house in malta

Scenario two

You want to sell your Malta property. You know how much you want because you discussed it and made your calculations. 

You decide to put an ad on the local paper. One ad on a Sunday paper – which means you decide to spend the Sunday indoors waiting for the phone to ring – you want to be concentrated when that call comes in. It does not. 

You get two phone calls eventually, one on Tuesday evening as you’re about to drop to sleep. The caller says they’ll call back. The second phone call clinches a viewing. The caller turns up, walks around the house, asks the price again, and walks back out. Thank you but no thank you.

list an ad on a newspaper

Scenarios review

Both scenarios happen pretty often. In both cases, the persons concerned thought they could do it themselves. 

They did not stop to consider market prices, selling tactics, property staging, bank loan options, negotiating skills, time wastage, disciplined scheduling.  

They could have been lucky and clinched a deal on both counts but it takes a lot to clinch a good deal these days since we are living in what the professionals call ‘a buyer’s market’. 

This literally means that buyers are spoilt for choice so that home sellers take longer to sell and home buyers take longer to decide on their purchase. And so, estates have to work that much harder, which they do.

Malta real estate agents

The Malta real estate agent keeps tabs on both aspects of the real estate market – the selling and the buying ends. 

He/she will be well-versed in the going prices so that an over-priced or under-priced property will have its price corrected to make it more acceptable within the local market price range. 

Prices also fluctuate according to the neighbourhood in which the property is found and so a lot of research goes into establishing price ranges properly.

Selling your property through an estate agent

Selling your property through an estate agent

The estate agent has another one over you. Sitting on his/her lap is his/her access to thousands of properties, all over Malta and Gozo, of all sizes and dimensions and specifications. With one click of button, he/she will have all this available and ready to be sent out to you in printed format so that you will know what is available on a regular basis.

The estate agent will know both the buyer and seller, the expectations of the seller and certain conditions linked to a potential sale. He/she will also have spoken to the buyer and know the limitations or extent of budgets ready to be spent and what the buyer needs and why.

schedule viewings

Schedule viewings

The estate agent in Malta will be able to organise scheduled multiple viewings that can happen within a tight time-frame so that it you’re in a rush to sell/buy, you may get two solid days of viewing/viewers at regular intervals. 

Negotiating with ease

If you want to buy, you will be driven to your destinations if you so require. If you want to sell, you may leave your property’s keys with the agent and only meet the buyers when the deal is done. 

The estate agent will be capable of negotiating a sale between two parties over a number of days, depending on how difficult negotiations are. 

Banks & loans

Banks & loans

Once a deal is sealed, the estate agent will arrange visits to a bank if you require loans, meetings at a notary to discuss legal aspects of contracts and will also help you get important information on permits related to construction changes or commercial activities linked with the property in question.

Real estate agent review

When all these advantages are coupled by a well-mannered and professional individual who knows his/her work, your property purchase/sale will become one very positive experience all round. 

Next time round, you will have no qualms getting an estate agent to assist you.