Top 10 Reasons to Get on the Property Ladder Now

Are you still weighing the pros and cons of taking the first step onto the poverty ladder? Read on, because here are our top 10 reasons why now is a great time to do so.


Does it need to be said again? Owning a property is an investment, everyone knows that. In fact, according to a recent report, over 93% of Maltese believe that owning is better than renting when it comes to property.


If youre thinking of buying a property in Malta, there are some incentives that could save you money. A government concession allows those buying their first home in Malta in 2014 to be exempt from paying stamp duty on the first 150,000, saving you thousands of euros.  A good real estate agent would be able to help you to discover on-going incentives designed to save you money and get you started on the property ladder.


Even if you only have an average income, you could still find yourself a good property. You might not be able to buy a large apartment in a highly sought-after area, but you should still be able to buy a very good property in a decent location.


If youre interested in buying-to-let, youre in luck. The Maltese rental market cannot get enough rental properties to fill the demand. Add to that a government option of paying 15% on gross rental income and youre in business.

Decreasing Bills

Utility bills have plunged recently thanks to the latest government budget.  Electricity bills have decreased by an average of 25% and water bills have been reduced by an average of 5%.


A good real estate agent can help you save a lot of time, money and energy. RE/MAX Malta has experienced sales associates, trained and informed on all the latest market trends and initiatives. We have worked with hundreds of first-time buyers and ensure that the process is transparent and enjoyable. Let the market experts guide you on your first property purchase.


The Maltese property market was relatively cushioned in the last recession and didnt suffer as much as the European market. This means the local property market has remained stable and, as European markets recover, will continue to get stronger. Now is the time to get in on it.


Some banks have great home loan offers, including special loans for first time buyers. We can help you find the right loan for you.


If theres one thing thats not lacking, its a choice of properties. Whatever your taste, youll find the property thats best for you. It might take 30 to 40 viewings, or it might take a single viewing. Whatever your dream property, youll find it here.

Your Own

For many people, owning a property means something very important: Having a place to call their own, in which they can stamp their own personality. Theres nothing quite like having a place thats all yours.


Have you ever heard the saying that the ducks will never line up in a row? It sounds silly but its true. If youre thinking about investing in your first property, now is the time to get involved. Conditions will never be perfect. Your ducks may never line up, and all the time you spent waiting for them to do so will be wasted. Get yourself a good, reputable, experienced agent, and get started before its too late.