Setting up your business in Malta

Setting up your home in Malta is bound to be a big decision, but setting up your business here could be an even bigger (and better!) one. Rest assured – it will be a good one to take. Malta has been an exciting country to watch in terms of investment and business development, especially within certain key industries. The island, while renowned by tourists for its sun, sea and sand offerings, is now being regarded as a main player in the business industry by key stakeholders. Malta’s economy is strong and secure, and it provides a solid foundation for those looking to set up their business within the EU. Malta’s success is based on its reputation for stability and security, which are two imperative factors to consider when seeking new business avenues. Whether your field is financial services, maritime, iGaming, ICT, tourism, catering, or something else, the basic structures required for setting up shop in Malta can all be found here.

If you need more reasons to prove why setting up your business in Malta is a good idea, try these.

Central Location

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands lie midway between Europe and North Africa, approximately 90 kilometres south of Sicily and 300 kilometres north of Libya. This strategic location makes the island an excellent gateway for business between Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Mediterranean Lifestyle

Boasting 300 days of sunshine is a tagline that not many countries have to offer, but Malta can do just that. With a temperate climate that has no drastic extremes, the Mediterranean lifestyle is an enviable one. Whether you prefer spending your leisure time at sea, sipping cappuccinos at an outdoor cafe, golfing, or living it up till the wee hours of the morning, Malta has a style of living that will suit most tastes.

Luxury Business Complexes

In terms of a physical establishment for your business, Malta has seen a shift from solitary offices toward all-encompassing business complexes and centres. This new shift in business locations has led to an availability of larger offices with all the required amenities at a superior quality level. Typically equipped with security and reception services, as well as providing luxury interiors, hosting your business in a superior office environment is a definite possibility and a wise choice.

Thriving Service Industry

In recent years, Malta has played to its strengths by promoting itself as a successful knowledge-based economy in the Mediterranean region with an English-speaking workforce. This has helped it to take advantage of the growing service industry in fields such as ICT and finance, but also expanding to more luxury industries such as maritime and aviation.

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