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tips for renting the best commercial office

Malta’s flourishing commercial sector provides a diverse selection of exciting office renting options. Thanks to our vast network of letting agents, JK Properties makes it easy to find commercial property for rent in Malta, regardless of your business.

Although our reputable real estate agency specialises in commercial letting, here are some tips that can inspire you as to sift Malta commercial properties faster.

Questions to ask

Before you begin looking for commercial real estate to rent, consider the following questions to help you identify the ideal Malta property to rent.

  • Who shall be working inside these offices?
  • Is this is a one-man show or do you have several employees already? Do you plan to expand soon with 12-24 months?
  • Will you be receiving clients? If so, will these require a closed office to discuss business, will a cubicle style corridor be suitable or will you just need one reception desk? Will you require a large waiting area?
commercial malta property for rent

What’s in it?

Do you want to rent commercial property like an office space which already boasts all commodities and furniture or will you be investing in these yourself?

You need to make sure the Malta property owner accepts such interventions as may be necessary to create, for instance, specific furnishings or storage furniture, restrooms suitable for the disabled, ramps to allow wheelchair access, etc. If the premises you rent already include these commodities, then you may find the rental cost could be higher than others in order to reflect such costs.


Commercial property for rent in Malta such as offices, vary in character and size namely due to the line of business they are targeted to tackle and also the kind of clientele they can welcome inside them. Some offices in Malta are older and may need more upkeep compared to recently built offices with latest technology.  

The location will make a difference in the price per square metre. For example, if you rent an office in Sliema or St. Julian’s, you will certainly pay top of market prices due to the high demand and the fact that most major iGaming, Finance and Software Companies amongst others are located there.  

If you move to Birkirkara you will save in rent though your staff, if foreign expats, may not appeal to them. These questions should be asked to your estate agent of choice.

Keep in mind the kind of clients who might be visiting you and this will assist you in deciding the location you pick out. Ultimately, an efficient agent will give you a selection to sift through before going along for viewings and your guidance as to budget and location as well as commodities required, will most certainly help you downsize the list down to the very kind of office that meets your needs.

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