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With summer winding down, we want to make the most of every moment! And it’s hard not to love the season here in Malta. It takes us back to those childhood days spent swimming and playing without a care. 

So, if you’ve got a property in Malta with a pool, like a villa for sale, or wish to rent a farmhouse in Gozo, why not give in to nostalgia and host a pool party? Throw in some party games, too, if you really want to let that inner child out. 

And to get you started, here’s a list of pool games that can be enjoyed by the whole family in any type of property in Malta or Gozo with a pool!

1. Sharks and Minnows

Number of Players: A medium-to-large group works best

Equipment: None

How to Play:

Start by choosing one person to be the ‘Shark’. Place that person at one end of the pool and the remaining players – the minnows – on the opposite end. The game starts when the Shark yells, ‘fishies, fishies, come out and play!’ and stays in place. The Minnows then start swimming to try to reach the other side of the pool. The Shark then yells out ‘Shark Attack!’ and begins to tag the swimmers. Once a Minnow is tagged, it becomes a Shark and joins in tagging Minnows. The goal is to swim from one side to the other without getting caught. The last Minnow standing is the winner! 

Sharks and Minnows

2. T-Shirt Relay

Number of Players: Enough to split into two teams

Equipment: 1 oversized, wet t-shirt per team

How to play:

This game is not as easy as it looks but is hilarious to watch! Split your guests into two teams. Each team is given an oversized t-shirt they must wear before swimming their lap in the pool (bonus points if the shirt is already soaked). A member from each team then has to jump in and swim with their t-shirt on, get out of the pool, take off the t-shirt and pass it to the next person to do the same. This gets trickier as the team changes players – wet shirts are harder to get on and off. You could add a swimming cap, goggles, or flippers for more hilarity.

3. Colours

Number of Players: as few as 3 people 

Equipment: None

How to Play:

Start by agreeing on what colours should be used – for example, only picking colours from the rainbow. Then, choose a starting side of the pool for ‘the Swimmers’. Ask the Swimmers to pick a colour each but not to reveal it and get into the pool. Choose a person to be the ‘Tagger’. Have that person stand at the same edge outside of the pool with their backs turned to the swimmers. 

The Tagger will shout out a colour for everyone to hear. If the Swimmers guess the colour of any Swimmer, that Swimmer must swim as quietly as they can to the other side of the pool. If the tagger hears them, they must jump into the pool and try catch the Swimmer. If the Swimmer gets away, the original Tagger remains. If the Swimmer gets caught, they become the new Tagger. If the Tagger turns around when no one is swimming, they must take 1 step away from the pool, making it tougher to catch the Swimmers.

Duck Races

4. Duck Races

Number of Players: This is great for 3 or more players

Equipment: Rubber ducks

How to Play

This is a simple game that’s great for all ages. Give each player a rubber duck and have them wait at one end of the pool. A non-player will yell ‘go’. At this point, the swimmers must push the duck with their noses to the other end of the pool. You can also make this a little more challenging by having the swimmers blow the duck forward. The first to get their duck to the other side wins!

5. Pool toss

Number of Players: Enough to have two teams

Equipment: Any toys or items that float and that you’re okay with putting in water

How to Play

Add a little team rivalry with this next game! Separate your friends and family into two teams and place a team on each side of the pool. Split the swimming pool into two sections – you can add an item outside the pool to represent the divide. Throw the inflatable objects on each side (ensuring an equal number of objects on each side). Have a non-player blow a whistle or yell ‘go’ and each team will have to work to throw as many items as possible onto the other side. After five minutes or so, blow the whistle again to signal that everyone should stop throwing objects. Now count and see which side has the fewest toys – that team wins!

Whether you’re searching to buy a property in Malta with a pool or have a farmhouse for sale in Gozo, we’re here to guide you every step of the way – and many of them are home to that swimming pool you’ve always been dreaming of! Get in touch with our expert agents now and let us help you invest in yourself and in your dream type of property.