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J&K Group has been a major player in the corporate, leisure, weddings and incentive hotel booking industry since the turn of the millennium and is the largest corporate agency that books hotels in Malta and Gozo. 


The company saw this “niche market” back in the early days when JK Properties Ltd. started relocating executives, crew and staff of foreign companies, films and offshore rigs that were to be relocated to Malta on large scale projects.  We have gained vast experience and know-how in understanding the needs of such companies from their budget limitations to the importance of hierarchy and the service levels required.

J&K Group has numerous corporate arrangements with most three, four and five star hotels in Malta.  Any company requesting Hotel accommodation can be assured that J&K Group will be in a position to offer the best corporate rates on the Maltese Islands.


As Malta is a tourist hub for all types and walks of life, many individuals that may have been stationed in Malta or are considering moving to Malta contact us for Hotel accommodation for themselves, friends or relatives.  We are very happy to provide this service to any customer wishing to benefit from competitive hotel accommodation rates in Malta or Gozo.


Malta has become highly popular in regards to the organisation of weddings in Malta.  Our professional team may organise all catering, room reservations and any other services that pertain to a wedding arrangement.  We have organised the logistics of many weddings and will be able to advise accordingly.


Through our portfolio of companies we have often been requested to negotiate on their behalf an incentive group for Malta.  Utilising an agency like J&K Group one would expect to save money and time as through our professional team we do all the ground work, provide recommendations for catering and excursions and take care of all the logistics through our ancillary companies.

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