Searching for a Rental Property in Malta

With a perfect location in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has become a haven for those seeking to work in an excellent environment and find long term accommodation for rent that is still reasonably priced when compared to other major cities in Europe.

Add to that the glorious weather and modern amenities mixed with historic architecture, and that all makes the island an increasingly popular place to live. Many opt to rent property to help them call Malta their home, and enjoy the relaxed yet busy lifestyle that is typical of living in this cosmopolitan country.

A Prime Location

Malta’s prime location at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East mean that foreign residents will never be far from their home country. Along with other major airlines, Malta’s national airline Air Malta offers regular flights to most European countries as well as those further afield.

Somewhere for Everyone

There is such a wide selection of property to let across the Maltese islands, that selecting your ideal region in which to live is purely dependant on your needs, budget and lifestyle.

For those considering working in Malta, a popular option is to be renting in or near busy central to northern towns and cities such as Msida, Swatar, Sliema, St Julian’s or the capital city Valletta.

If the urban jungle is not to your taste, however, and you wish to live amongst the more traditional Maltese community, then consider instead a long let property in areas in the centre or south of Malta, or even on the quieter sister island of Gozo.

Modern Amenities in an Historic Nation

Whilst there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of unique historic interest dotted liberally throughout the islands, all towns in Malta are well-equipped to cater for a modern community.

With plentiful shopping centres, entertainment complexes, restaurants, health centres, several nightlife hubs, and a number of beaches, residents have easy access to anything they need.

Malta’s geographical location has also led it to become a major business hub in the Mediterranean, with a thriving iGaming industry and multiple financial institutions that employ expats and locals alike. These international companies have inspired the rise of yet more facilities in the community surrounding them, which both employees and residents can enjoy.

A Unique Lifestyle

The biggest draw to living and renting in Malta is to be a part of the enviable Mediterranean lifestyle. The warm climate invites residents and tourists to enjoy long, sun-soaked days on one of Malta’s many beaches, or a balmy evening al fresco meal after a day of work. The cafe culture is greatly popular in Malta as well.  One can spend a day shopping and hitting their favourite coffee shops along Sliema Ferries.

As a bonus, the Maltese people are famously friendly and welcoming, particularly as most speak English so you won’t need to learn the Maltese language to live comfortably in this tiny island nation.

Finding Property to Let in Malta

Anyone can rent property in Malta with no restrictions, so the process of renting is very simple and straightforward. There are many different types of property available, which may be rented furnished with all fittings and appliances, or unfurnished if you have your own furniture.

From an apartment in a busy tourist centre to a townhouse in a residential area, or from a luxury seafront villa to a house of character with gardens and a private pool, there is a property to rent in Malta that will suit your needs and budget, and help you make Malta your new home.